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At Flexible Health & Wellness, we provide you with quality health and wellness services conveniently and affordably to improve your overall physical and emotional well-being. Our flexible and innovative approach to direct primary care promotes early recognition of health-related issues and enhances the fulfillment of your health goals. Takeshanicole “Tish” Ziemblicki, APRN, takes time to ensure you feel seen, heard, and understood at every visit.

Personalized Direct Care:

No Copays

No waiting rooms


Direct access to physician

Urgent needs met

Personalized Wellness:

Primary care

Acute/urgent care

Advanced testing


Freedom from the system:

Direct access to the provider by text, email, video, and phone

On-time appointments with no crowded waiting rooms
Know the price before you pay and no hidden costs

Exceptional Care:

Unrushed, all-the-time-you-need appointments
Care when and where you need it
Enhanced Telehealth for more care from home

Takeshanicole “Tish” Mary Ziemblicki, APRN

Takeshanicole “Tish” Ziemblicki is a respected Family Nurse Practitioner in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. She is a Veteran of the US Army, where she served as a Logistics Specialist and Combat Medic for eight years. Tish has learned over the last several years that there is a lack of access to compassionate and convenient care at affordable prices for people with demanding lives. By offering a flexible approach to wellness, she hopes to promote early recognition of health-related issues, improve compliance with health goals, and reduce or prevent stressful and costly hospitalizations. She prioritizes the provider-patient relationship by taking the time to make sure you feel seen, heard, and understood at every visit.


What We Offer

Everyday care
Chronic condition care
Mental & emotional health
Specialist & surgery referral
Care for families

Additional services: Weight loss, Home visits as requested.
Other services coming soon: Botox, IV therapy, Hormone therapy.


Annual and semi-annual discounts available during registration.


Age 16-30


Age 31-64


Age 65+

No family maximum

Couples Discount

($5 off per person)

Veterans discount

(10% off memberships)

First responders

(10% off memberships)

Home visits

One-time charge $200


Most individuals do not realize how much they spend on their healthcare every year. Between deductibles, copays, and monthly premiums, annual healthcare costs are close to $14,000 a year. By joining Flexible Health & Wellness, you could save up to 50% off your healthcare spending.

Flexible Health & Wellness annual cost for a single adult and families with one child

Healthshare plan plus Flexible Health & Wellness


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Appointment Hours

Monday-Thursday: 9am-4pm, lunch 12-1pm
Telehealth appointment can be requested

After hours appointments available as needed.


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